These Republicans on the ballot in 2022 need to be defeated to protect our Senate majority:
Wisconsin - (R) Ron Johnson

This Trump-worshipping sycophant is a poor excuse for a Senator. He’s lied about the COVID pandemic, he’s lied about the January 6 insurrection, and he’s done everything he can to protect Trump. Ron Johnson has got to go.

Rand Paul - (R) Kentucky

Anthony Fauci’s chief antagonist has done everything possible to disrupt our COVID response, roll back Trans Rights decades, and generally disrupt Congress with attention-seeking gambits that always fail. Kentucky deserves better.

Marco Rubio - (R) Florida

Few elected officials are more limp-spined than Marco Rubio, who defines “lead from behind” while he’s constantly got his finger in the air to test which way the wind is blowing. He’s shed his faux-moderate stripes for full Trump control. After begging Ivanka not to run against him, it’s clear his allegiance isn’t to his constituents, but to Mar-A-Lago.

Louisiana - (R) John Kennedy

He does a good down-home folksy act on TV, but this graduate of UVA Law School and Oxford (the one in England) cosplayed as a democrat before joining the GOP to further his own career. He’s the epitome of a politician who cares only about his own power and success. Defeating him will remove a key vote for Mitch McConnell’s schemes.

Here's how we help Democrats win:
Digital Accountability

We specialize in hard-hitting digital ads to hold these Republicans accountable. We don't spend millions on TV ads, we use our grassroots donors' resources wisely to target persuadable voters and inspire the change where they make their decisions -- on the internet.  

Public Awareness

When these senators cast a bad vote, defend Trump's deranged legacy, or further erode our democratic institutions, we're there to remind voters in their states of every misstep.

Get out the vote

We run a sophisticated GOTV operation to increase turnout and counter the GOP's voter suppression schemes. 

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