These Democrats on the ballot in 2022 need our help to protect our Senate majority:
Rev. Raphael Warnock - (D) Georgia:

The former Senior Pastor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s church defeated the reprehensible Kelly Loeffler in a runoff special election in 2021, delivering the U.S. Senate to Democrats. He’s been a staunch progressive on many issues, including a leader in the fight for voting rights in Congress. It is CRITICAL to protect his seat and give Georgia the leadership they deserve.

Mark Kelly - (D) Arizona:

A retired astronaut and Navy fighter pilot, he won a special election in 2020 against do-nothing Martha McSally, giving Arizona two Democratic senators for the first time in nearly 70 years. His win set the stage to take the Senate two months later and he’s a KEY VOTE for Joe Biden’s progressive agenda.

Here's how we help Democrats win:
Digital Accountability

We specialize in hard-hitting digital ads to hold these Republicans accountable. We don't spend millions on TV ads, we use our grassroots donors' resources wisely to target persuadable voters and inspire the change where they make their decisions -- on the internet.  

Public Awareness

When these senators cast a bad vote, defend Trump's deranged legacy, or further erode our democratic institutions, we're there to remind voters in their states of every misstep.

Get out the vote

We run a sophisticated GOTV operation to increase turnout and counter the GOP's voter suppression schemes. 

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