“I really resent anybody saying that I’m just 'doing this for the rich'” - Orrin Hatch, Nov 16, 2017

The numbers don't lie.

Hatch's tax bill is nothing but a handout to the wealthiest Americans.

Under Hatch's tax plan:

  • Taxes for families earning less than $75,000 would go UP. - Vox, 11/16/17

  • The Affordable Care Act individual mandate would be repealed. That will leave 13 million more people uninsured, raise premiums for millions more, and cause uncertainty and instability in the individual health insurance market. - Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 11/17/17

Who is Orrin Hatch really looking out for - his constituents or the richest Americans? 

Sign the petition and tell Orrin Hatch: Don't raise my taxes to give the wealthy a break!