Democrats only needed to win FOUR seats to take back the Senate majority. Here were our top targets for 2020:
Mitch McConnell - (R) Kentucky

Mitch McConnell has one goal: stay in power. To do so, he’s broken our democratic institutions, exploited partisanship, and made protecting Trump his top priority. If Washington corruption has a face, it’s his.

Susan Collins -
(R) Maine

Susan Collins’ self-serving political calculus gave us Brett Kavanaugh, the tax scam for billionaires and corporations, and now a coverup on behalf of the Trump campaign. Mainers deserve better representation than a politician who’s only concerned with her next election.

Lindsey Graham - (R) South Carolina

Lindsey Graham is the worst kind of political opportunist. Instead of focusing on the needs of South Carolina, he caters to the needs of Donald Trump exclusively. With Lindsey, it’s party and power over country at every opportunity.

Martha McSally - 
(R) Arizona

Despite being rejected by Arizona voters in 2018, McSally rode a gubernatorial appointment into the Senate and spent every day thereafter since refusing to do her job. Instead of representing Arizonans, she spent her days in office covering for the Trump administration and complaining about constituents before being defeated (again) in 2020.

Cory Gardner -
(R) Colorado

Few senators had as much open contempt for their constituents as Cory Gardner. He refused to meet with voters, and instead focused on avoiding the ire of the Trump team in the hope that the president—not Coloradans—would him to victory in 2020. He was wrong.

Here's how we help Democrats win:
Digital Accountability

We specialize in hard-hitting digital ads to hold these Republicans accountable. We don't spend millions on TV ads, we use our grassroots donors' resources wisely to target persuadable voters and inspire the change where they make their decisions -- on the internet.  

Public Awareness

When these senators cast a bad vote, defend Trump's deranged legacy, or further erode our democratic institutions, we're there to remind voters in their states of every misstep.

Get out the vote

We run a sophisticated GOTV operation to increase turnout and counter the GOP's voter suppression schemes. 

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