STATEMENT: Integrity First PAC Applauds House Democrats’ Demand for Rep. Jason Chaffetz to Investiga


February 13, 2017

Contact: Kyle Jarrett

Statement from Integrity First PAC’s Executive Director Kyle Jarrett on Resignation of Michael Flynn and Chairman. Jason Chaffetz Responsibility to Investigate Him Fully

“The resignation of Michael Flynn as National Security Advisor is good for our country’s national security. Despite his resignation, the fact still remains that Flynn has deep ties to the Russian government, and Chairman Jason Chaffetz must investigate him immediately.”

“We applaud the Democratic members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for urging Chairman Jason Chaffetz to investigate Michael Flynn and his ties to Russia.”

“For weeks the public has demanded an investigation into President Trump and any of his advisors for possible links to Russia, and Chairman Chaffetz has continually dismissed evidence and calls for action.”

“Despite recent breaking news that Michael Flynn did communicate with Russia’s ambassador about sanctions imposed by the Obama administration before Donald Trump was sworn in, Chaffetz refuses to open an investigation into this deeply troubling matter. “

“Chairman Chaffetz has however found time to investigate deeply critical matters related to our national security like the Center for Disease Control partnering with the cartoon character Sid the Science Kid.”

“We join the Democratic members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reforms and call on Chairman Chaffetz to do the right thing and investigate Michael Flynn and all possible connections President Trump’s 2016 campaign and the current administration have with Russia.”


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