Statement from Integrity First PAC on news that Rep. Jason Chaffetz will leave office before his ter


May 18, 2017

Contact: Kyle Jarrett


Statement from Integrity First PAC on news that Rep. Jason Chaffetz will leave office before his term ends

SALT LAKE CITY — Six months after asking the people of Utah’s 3rd Congressional District to vote for him, Rep. Jason Chaffetz has decided to abandon his duties of representing his constituents and serving as chairman of the House Oversight Committee in order to cash in as a pundit on Fox News.

His announcement to not seek another term in Congress and now the news that he will leave office early are hardly surprising, as the entirety of Chaffetz’s time in Congress has been about promoting himself and his party above the concerns of his constituents.

From his constant need to be in front of a TV camera to his zealous pursuit of a scandal about Benghazi that turned up nothing, Chaffetz has been nothing more than a self-promoter and a blind follower of his party.

We will not forget his abhorrent support of Donald Trump, even after grotesque recordings were revealed of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. Nor will we forget Chaffetz’s lack of integrity to investigate the serious matters of Trump’s ties to Russia and his major conflicts of interest with his business empire.

Utah’s 3rd district deserves the opportunity to elect, through an open and democratic process, their next representative to Congress, not be forced to accept a backroom handpicked party shill.

Integrity First PAC was organized to hold Chaffetz accountable, and we will continue our work to ensure Utah’s 3rd district, and all of Utah, is represented by leaders who will put their integrity and their country first.


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