The evidence of corruption and collusion with Russia continues to grow around Donald Trump, but Orrin Hatch is sticking by his man.

What’s it gonna take for Orrin Hatch

to dump Trump?

So far Hatch has been okay with Trump:

  • Taking charity money from kids with cancer and funneling it into his own business

  • Giving Russian diplomats highly classified intelligence

  • Firing FBI Director James Comey for investigating his administration’s ties to Russia

  • Crafting a health care plan that will strip tens of thousands of Utahns of their health insurance

  • Falsely accusing President Obama of wiretapping

  • Signing two executive orders to ban Muslims from entering the United States

  • Bragging on video about sexually assaulting women

  • Calling Mexican immigrants criminals and rapists

From the campaign to the White House, Trump has shown over and over again that he is temperamentally and intellectually unfit to be President, but that doesn’t stop Orrin Hatch from standing by his number-one guy.

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